Mysterious India

India finds itself in the list of top mysterious countries and holds its position tight with those being still unsolved. Owing to India’s vast size, cultural differences, mythological stories, it naturally becomes a land of strange tales. Such tales are born out of rumours or some are even the result of imagination. It can be said that most of these tales are fabricated and can be put off the table, but some tales are strange enough to shrug off. These have the ability to change the perception of modern technology and yet more the perception of the world.

There are mysteries of India that are still looking for answers. No scientific reasoning has been able to solve these cases and they are still hanging in oblivion. CREEPY as they sound, such tales will drive you nuts and leave you baffled. Check the list and see if you have answers to these mysteries.

Mass Bird suicide, Jatinga Assam
Jatinga is a small village in Assam and people here experience a phenomenon that is so bizarre yet mysterious. The said phenomenon is mass bird suicide. This incident takes place between the months of September and November every year; hundreds of local and migratory birds fly and crash themselves into the buildings and trees for apparently no reasons. This phenomenon still remains to be solved by the scientists and locals still believe it is the handiwork of evil spirits. This makes Jatinga a creepy destination to visit where a mystery looms over people.

Roopkund Lake

Roopkund Lake is around 16500 ft above the sea level and is also popularly known as the lake of skeletons. In 1942, the skeletal remains were first noticed when the harsh summer started melting the ice. A British forest guard noticed a huge number of human skeletons lying haphazardly and floating along the edges of the lake. Initially, the skeletons were believed to be the remains of those Japanese soldiers who were killed during war, but in 2004 this theory got a jolt. In 2004, it was discovered that the remains date back to 850 AD. Since then, several theories have been put forward to explain this incident, but people are still searching for answers. One can still see these remains during summers when the ice starts melting.

Gyanganj—a city of immortals! Can you believe it? India is truly amazing to have such mysteries under its belt. There are actually several mysterious storied linked to the Himalayas because of its territorial limits. According to ancient Tibetan and Indian stories, this place is said to be the city of mysterious immortal beings. People can’t go there or get any idea about its existence. Also, it is believed that this place has camouflaged itself so brilliantly that no modern technique can help you to gain access to it. Many mahatmas and sadhus believe one can attain ultimate knowledge and serenity in this place.

The Royal Treasure Of Jaigarh Fort

The mysterious history of Jaigarh Fort might let you wonder if such things are actually possible. The fort has the largest cannon on wheels and its history is full mysterious tales. As per the belief goes, Akbar’s Defence Minister Man Singh, while returning from Afghanistan after a successful mission, hid the spoils of war in this fort. In 1977, the fort once again came into limelight. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi during the peak of Emergency period in India ordered a thorough search of the fort. The search was carried off after a tip-off that the water tanks in the fort were used for hiding Mughal treasure. Although nothing could be found during the search operation, it received enormous publicity and the mystery still remains to be solved.