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About us


"Begining of every achievement starts...... with a Thought"
Presenting Namo India TV to the people of Suriname started with a flash of a thought, and soon that thought turned into Action, and that action soon turned into
Result........and that's how it accomplished in just few days time.
"RJ Kumar"

Sarvesh Kumar Joshi
Popularly know as RJ Kumar
Managing Director & Founder

Sarvesh Kumar Joshi popularly know as R J Kumar in Suriname (South America) is an experienced TV and Radio personality with a passion for giving audience an enjoyable and engaging experience.

He has over ten years of experience in presenting Live shows and interviewing high-profile guests and has become an icon in the media industry of Suriname.

A highly talented and pleasing personality RJ Kumar has promoted serious engagement with the Indian diaspora and has also been applauded by the Indian community living in Suriname. He has an Excellent public speaking skills with a knack for making all content interesting and entertaining.His objective is to spread awareness of voluntary acceptance of cultural and spiritual values of India in Suriname.

R J Kumar has taken a number of initiatives to disseminate diversified themes across Suriname, from Paranormal Research activities to busting mythological myths, popularising veracious religious rituals to teaching and talking about spiritual dimension.

With his enthusiasm in expanding those earlier efforts, R J Kumar now launches Namo India TV for people of Suriname. With this effort he wants to bring forward the beautiful idea of spreading ethnicities of India with a kaleidoscopic variety and rich Cultural Heritage programs for the viewers.

Namo India TV will provide an opportunity for the people of Suriname to better understand and appreciate various realms of India.

Shivanie Baktawar
Managing Director & C0-Founder

Shivanie a Graduate woman in her twenties is a tremendously vital person, interested in exploring new facets of life. She is a Strong, self-sufficient and passionate CEO of Paranormal Research & Investigation Society, Suriname. She has researched seemingly inexplicable incidents and have mostly derived logical explanation and evidence of other-worldly activity.

Her dedication to sound investigative research methods and a strong desire to know the truth of the matter is immense. She has a proven history of achievement in the paranormal research industry with professional Certification / Experience.

She has earned reputation for herself and her team after busting the various haunting myths in Suriname. She has researched and conducted interviews to ensure information prepared for broadcast was accurate and thorough. Co-Founder of Namo India TV she is also passionate about bringing together diversity of India in her own country Suriname.

Her creative skills will bring forth varied programs on Namo India TV to exemplify vibrant medley of Indian cultural heritage, its people , religions, customs, cuisines, and languages. Her diverse interests enriches her life and her outlook.